HİSARK is a plant founded in the year 2009 on the Kınık-Soma road  about 2 km to KINIK country of İzmir  with a closed space of  13.000 m2 . Before the investment for this plant was made, all the plants already avaible in TURKEY general and this region have been visited with a team expert in the sector, spending excessive effort,to establish an ideal model plant where the safe foodstuff may be produced in the most efficient way. HİSARK  is 30km to international Seaport (Aliağa) and 130 km to İzmir Airport  located in a position very available for worldwide transportation.

The “K” on our logotype is meaning of QUALITY in our products.

HisarK Food Products do not contain any additives that are not natural.



In making the foodstuff durable, various methods such as freezing. Heat treatment and drying are used. In principle in the preservation method used. The les the physical and chemical properties of a raw material change, they shall be in the nearest state to the fresh condition of that product obtained. Therefore the products preserved by freezing are accepted as the foodstuff that bears the Properties of that food in fresh state the most. HISARK  in parallel with the tendencies. shall also enter the frozen foodstuff production to take its place domestic and foreign markets with its high quality products to be fabricated.

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